The Beatrice Letters

I saw a post here on Tumblr that pertains to some letters written for Beatrice. The words were really moving and so I searched the web for it’s origin. Well, it is somehow connected to the Series of Unfortunate Events(I watched the film-adaptation just couples of days ago) but it was a separate book in which the author, Lemony Snicket, was the supposed lover of the deceased Beatrice. I ransacked the whole web-world in search of an ebook regarding the Beatrice Letter’s and fortunately, I was lucky enough to find a .doc version of the book which includes scanned photos from the actual thing.


The thing is, the words used in the letters were somewhat moving yet inconsolable. It was a very sad series of letters written for a deceased person, and the tension the way it was written was kinda depressing.

I’ve always liked the idea of writing. And I like the concept of using melancholic words because it expresses the real deal and it has this certain effect on the readers to somehow feel the same way the author felt when writing those pages. And this book, somehow transformed that concept into reality.